Quality Policy

Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. strives to be a leading "Manufacturer of CNC machined Details and Assemblies" through continual quality improvement, achieved through monitored processes and coordinated quality and management actions, which ensure our customers the highest quality products and service. Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. is committed to satisfying all applicable requirements of ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D and its quality objectives.

Quality requirements

The supplier's QMS has the obligation to have zero defect objectives, to continually improve delivery, product quality, and quality management system. Supplier must have a documented continual improvement process.

Supplier is responsible to ensure persons working on their behalf are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, product safety, and importance of ethical behavior.

Supplier shall also meet all quality requirements identified in the purchasing agreement.

Supplier shall notify Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. of all changes to product, processes, subcontractor changes and facilities.

Supplier, agrees and shall have provisions to ensure that Counterfeit Work is not delivered to Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. "Counterfeit Work" means Work (parts delivered e.g. articles, components, goods, and assemblies) misrepresented as having been designed and /or produced under an approved system or other acceptable system or other acceptable methods. The term also includes approved Work that has reached a design life limit or has been damaged beyond possible repair but is altered and misrepresented as acceptable. Work shall not be acquired from independent distributors or brokers unless approved in advance. If Supplier becomes aware or suspects that counterfeit work has been furnished, they shall notify Michigan CNC Tool, Inc.

Manufacturing Guidelines

Part count must always match the quantity called out on the Purchase Order. Always count parts before starting an operation and when completing an operation.

Make sure the revisions of the operation sketch or prints match the revision on the purchase order. Suppliers shall perform a review of the Purchase Order & Technical information ensuring all requirements can be met.

Before working on parts, verify there are no parts with visual defects (i.e.: tool marks, stains, burrs, dents). If defects are present, contact Michigan CNC purchasing before processing.

Check parts after processing for any workmanship concerns-missing paint/chips, weld splatter, inconsistencies in finish, etc. Check conformance to the Military standard noted on Michigan CNC's Purchase Order.

Parts should be returned in packaging provided by Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. or appropriate packaging which provides protection to the parts.

Include Certificate of Conformance if required on Purchase Order.

Certificates of Conformance

As a minimum a COC should contain:

1.      Name of Company, date and Purchase order or Job number

2.      Drawing Number, part description and quantity

A statement certifying parts meet all the requirements of the standards or Purchase Order. Certificate needs to be signed by a representative of the supplier.

DLA Contracts

Supplier understands all POs are subject to Defense Priorities & Allocations System (DPAS) regulation. All POs are considered DO rating unless stated as a DX rating.

DPAS rules are standard part of U.S. defense contracting process: (15 CFR 700.11). There are two levels of priority ratings:

 (DX) Highest national defense urgency All DX rated orders have equal priority and take preference over DO and unrated orders (based on ship schedule)

 (DO) Critical to national defense All DO rated orders have equal priority and take preference over unrated orders (based on ship schedule)

 Ethics Program Expectations

Commensurate with the size and nature of your business, you must have the management systems, tools and processes in place that (a) ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and the requirements set forth in this Ethics Program; (b) promote an awareness of and commitment to ethical business practices, including, without limitation, the expectations set forth in this program; (c) facilitate the timely discovery, investigation disclosure (to Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. and others, as appropriate) and implementation of corrective actions for violations of law, regulations or the expectations set forth in this program; and (d) provide training to your employees on compliance requirements, including the expectations set forth in the ethics program.

Drawings, Engineering Changes, Quality Records

The Supplier is expected to establish and maintain procedures to control all documents that define process requirements, including forms. Non-lTAR suppliers are required to return all drawings and technical documents to Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. OR destroy all documents after parts are processed.

Quality records, forms and/or documents used to show objective evidence of conformity to purchasing agreement requirements shall be retained by the Supplier. Electronic image or microfilmed records are permissible, provided they may be controlled, retained and retrievable per the same requirements identified by the Supplier's procedure for hard copy records. Electronic records storage· media must be capable of maintaining data integrity for the full retention period. Unless otherwise specified, Quality records shall be retained indefinitely.


Written Buyer approval is required prior to subcontracting any contracted characteristic that affects form, fit or function of the Item. Supplier is to flow down of the requirements of this document to subcontracting suppliers for both temporary and permanent transfers.

Nonconforming Material or Product

The Supplier will establish and maintain procedures to control all nonconforming products. These procedures must support the:

1.      Identification of all nonconforming product.

2.      Prevention of inadvertent processing.

3.      Creation of the disposition process and authority.

4.      Re-inspection of repaired or reworked product.

Corrective Action

Supplier shall respond to all Michigan CNC Tool, Inc.'s requests for corrective action. Supplier shall identify true root cause findings and corrective action(s) within 2 days of submittal to Supplier. Supplier shall assess all Buyer-identified nonconformances, whether or not item(s) was/were returned to Supplier and take appropriate actions to ensure causes of nonconformance are corrected.

Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. Supplier Visits

Michigan CNC Tool, Inc. will conduct yearly scheduled visits with supplier to review their Quality Management System.